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World Farmers Organization WFO

Type of Organization: International Organization
Areas of work: Agroecology, Farming typologies, Food systems, Indigenous peoples, Mountain farming
Region: Rome
Country: Italy
WFO, the World Farmers Organisation, is an International Organisation of Farmers for Farmers, which aims to bring together all the national producer and farm cooperative organisations with the objective of developing policies which favor and support farmers' causes in developed and developing countries around the world. WFO is an organisation of agricultural producers that aims to strengthen farmers' positions within value chains, with a particular focus on smallholder farmers. By advocating on behalf of farmers and representing their interests in international policy forums, WFO supports farmers in better managing extreme price volatility, leveraging market opportunities, and timely access to market information. WFO's work covers all agriculture related thematic areas including forestry, aquaculture and fisheries, environment, trade, extension, research and education. WFO encourages farmers' involvement in sustainable rural development, the protection of the environment and facing other emerging challenges, such as climate change, generational renewal, and gender equality.