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Информационный бюллетень
Yemaya Newsletter No.67, August 2023

Yemaya No. 67, dated August 2023, a special issue on GAF8 features articles on the recently held 8th Global Conference on Gender in Aquaculture and Fisheries-Shaping the Future: Gender Justice for sustainable aquaculture and Fisheries. Held over three days, from 21-23 November 2022 in the city of Kochi in the...
2024 - The International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

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Youths in Madagascar empowered with digital and entrepreneurial skills

Twelve participants from Madagascar, including four newly recruited Entrepreneurs for Rural Access (ERAs) team members, took part in a 3-day programme designed to enhance their skills in providing agricultural extension and rural advisory services using digital tools. The programme was organised as part of the GIZ-funded Knowledge Centre for Organic...
2024 - Access Agriculture

Информационный бюллетень
Yemaya Newsletter No.68, December 2023

Yemaya No. 68, dated December 2023, features articles from Costa Rica, Chile, Malawi, Uganda, Nigeria, Tanzania, Ghana and Southeast Asia on Inland fisheries, fisheries management, fish processing, social capital, gendered economy of dried fish, climate change, women in fisheries profile from Africa, and a review of a book on women...
2024 - The International Collective in Support of Fishworkers (ICSF)

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Developing strategies for young entrepreneurs’ business growth in South Africa

The Entrepreneur for Rural Access (ERAs) in South Africa gathered together with Vinjeru Mlenga, Entrepreneur Coach for Southern Africa, on 29 February 2024 in Polokwane, Limpopo province, South Africa, to discuss strategies and plans for ERAs’ business growth relating to screening of farmer-training videos using the smart projector.
South Africa
2024 - Access Agriculture

Sustainable finance and forest biodiversity criteria

From Science to Policy 16
This science-policy study sets out how forest-related biodiversity could be included in the EU Taxonomy, to help encourage sustainable investments in forests. The EU Taxonomy Regulation creates a common set of indicators and criteria to classify sustainable commercial activities and investments. While forest-related activities have been included in the EU Taxonomy...
2024 - European Forest Institute

Regenerative agriculture: from soil to sustainability – Episode 58

Despite being a major contributor to global emissions, farming might just hold the key to solving the climate crisis. When agriculture is regenerative, it becomes a win-win for people and planet, increasing food security while protecting the environment.  We unpack this method of sustainable farming and explore how small-scale farmers can...
2024 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Agriculture’s Indigenous trailblazers – Episode 57

Over 80 per cent of our planet's biodiversity is found on the territories of Indigenous Peoples, who have been farming for generations while caring for forests, deserts, grasslands and oceans. By growing food sustainably, they are leading the way on transforming food systems.  On this episode, Indigenous leaders from Nepal, Mexico...
2024 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Статья в блоге
The problem with water hyacinth

In the twentieth century, gardeners innocently spread the water hyacinth to Asia, Africa and elsewhere. Water hyacinth has striking blue flowers and was used to adorn ornamental fountains. But it escaped and was soon clogging lakes, ponds and municipal water supplies.
2024 - Access Agriculture

Nipping of pigeon pea

The more pigeon peas produce secondary branches, the more pods it will produce, leading to higher yields. 6 to 7 weeks after sowing, remove the tips of the main branches. This is called nipping. After a week, use half a mug of biofertiliser per plant or add it to irrigation...
2024 - Access Agriculture

Land use and the Sharm el-Sheikh joint work on implementation of climate action on agriculture and food security

Land use and land-use change (including related policies) interact with climate and climate change (including related policies) in multiple ways. Land-use sectors are among the most affected by climate change. They are also a significant source of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.According to the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, agriculture, forestry...
2024 - FAO

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Reconnaître le rôle des femmes dans la sécurité alimentaire : études croisées sur l'alimentation familiale au Sénégal et au Nicaragua

La sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle (SAN) est une problématique centrale dans les zones rurales des pays du Sud où vit la majorité des personnes sous-alimentées dans le monde. L’égalité des sexes et l’autonomisation des femmes font partie des objectifs de développement durable pour 2030, les femmes ayant été reconnues comme des...
Nicaragua - Senegal

Политический обзор/документ
Understanding informal agrifood trade between India and Bangladeshs benefit from the proportion of tropical forest regardless of its edge length

An analytical framework
Informal trade Informal cross-border trade plays a major role in the BIMSTEC region, given the shared borders between member countries such as India with Bangladesh and Nepal. Informal trade is defined through the exchange process and consists of unrecorded trade flows that escape official statistics. “Informality” refers to the nature of the...
Bangladesh - India
2024 - IFPRI

Rural youth rocking the digital age – Episode 56

With smartphones and social media becoming more ubiquitous globally, rural communities that were once remote are finding themselves connected to the rest of the planet. In this episode, we speak to three young YouTubers and TikTokers in Latin America who are bringing their rural lives to the world via our screens....
2024 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Women shaping sustainable food systems – Episode 55

Women are the unsung heroes of our world's food systems. They produce up to 80 per cent of all food in developing countries despite being saddled with a disproportionate share of unpaid work, such as childcare and cooking. To mark International Women's Day, we explore how gender inequality and gender-based violence can...
2024 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Статья в блоге
A revolution for our soil

Degraded soil can be repaired, and replenished with nutrients, until it produces abundant harvests at lower costs, while removing carbon from the atmosphere, and putting it back into the ground. This is the optimistic message of David Montgomery’s book, Growing a Revolution.
United States of America
2024 - Access Agriculture

Fishery and Aquaculture Statistics – Yearbook 2021

The FAO Yearbook of Fishery and Aquaculture Statistics, prepared by the Statistics Team of the FAO Fisheries and Aquaculture Division, offers a synthesis of the major trends in the fisheries and aquaculture sector. Statistics are presented in eight main thematic chapters, covering statistics of production (total, aquaculture, capture fisheries), employment,...
2024 - FAO

LEY Nº 14.828, DE 20 DE MARZO DE 2024

Esta Ley cual modifica la Ley nº 11.326, de 24 de julio de 2006 (Ley de Agricultura Familiar), para ampliar el alcance de la planificación y ejecución de las acciones de la Política Nacional de Agricultura Familiar y Empresas Familiares Rurales.
2024 - Presidência da República, Casa Civil, Secretaria Especial para Assuntos Jurídicos

Zero waste, full plates: winning with school meals - Episode 54

Our planet faces a paradox: nearly a third of the world's population experienced food insecurity in 2022, yet a third of the food we grow is never eaten at all. Food loss and waste doesn't just rob billions of nourishment, it unnecessarily drains resources and harms the environment. In this episode,...
2024 - International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD)

Agricultural value chain interventions can improve women’s incomes, assets holdings, productivity and savings

Agricultural value chain interventions, such as market integration strategies, negotiating better prices and developing new and more profitable products are important mechanisms to increase farm incomes.While women play a critical role in agriculture, power dynamics and sociocultural norms often restrict their participation to parts of the agricultural value chain that...
2024 - CGIAR GENDER Impact Platform

Статья в блоге
Opinion: Restoring mountain ecosystems in the Himalayas is a global imperative

The Hindu Kush Himalaya faces a critical need for the restoration of its diverse ecosystems, underpinned by the indispensable stewardship of Indigenous communities and local efforts
Mountain ecosystems, including rangelands, wetlands, peatlands and both alpine and temperate forests, are unique habitats characterised by complex geography and rich biodiversity. These ecosystems are integral to the cultures and traditions of diverse Indigenous communities, providing essential goods and services such as food, water, climate regulation and cultural aesthetics. Despite their high economic...
2024 - International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD)
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