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Sustainable Food Security

The contribution of family farms and in particular smallholder farms to food and nutrition security (FNS) has been gaining global attention, both in Europe and in the context of less developed countries. While small farms, as well as other small and micro-sized food businesses, have an important role to play...

Nourrir les familles de mineurs par l'agriculture familiale locale

Eau Vive accompagne le développement des activités de maraîchages situées à proximité des mines de Makalondi, au Niger, qui depuis quelques années, fait face à un afflux de population venue exploiter des gisements d’or , donnant lieu à une urbanisation  anarchique et à un accès aux services de base inexistant....
2014 - Alimenterre

Differences between Family Farming and Other Types of Farming in the EU

There are many different combinations such as partnerships (GbR, OHG, KG), registered cooperatives (eG), limited liability companies (GmbH), investment companies, producer groups, purchasing groups, joint management, even cooperatives that concentrate on urban farming and other – with and without family farmers. There are many more differences between the legal basis...

Газетная статья
Cross Country Analysis of Agriculture and Agricultural Policy of South-eastern European Countries in Comparison with the European Union

Agriculture in the South-eastern European countries (SEEs) is very diverse in terms of natural and structural conditions, development status, and the manifold production potentials. It carries prominent historical and social components and great economic importance to rural development. There are noticeable structural and technological deficiencies. Another significant factor is the...

The story of three generations of farmers

All families have stories. This is ours. It covers the last 50 years – hard times to start with, but better now. Farmers were almost a dying breed. Europe came to our rescue. The EU gave us incentives and provided a financial safety net. But we have earned every cent...
European Union
2014 - European Commission

Perspectivas de la agricultura y del desarrollo rural en las Américas 2014

Una mirada hacia América Latina y el Caribe
En este quinto número del documento “Perspectivas de la agricultura y del desarrollo rural en las Américas”, la Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (CEPAL), la Oficina Regional para América Latina y el Caribe de la Organización de las Naciones Unidas para la Alimentación y la Agricultura (FAO)...

Тематическое исследование
Farmers in focus: Nutrition from diversity

The many plants in Laxmi Acharya’s farm means that it is often mistaken for a miniature botanical garden. She needed more food for her family. But with so little land, she chose diversity.
2014 - ILEIA, Center for Learning on Sustainable Agriculture

Family poultry nutrition and feeding - The scavenged based system

The video explains the feed resources and feeding practices of scavenged based poultry production system. The concept of the scavengeable feed resource is introduced and its assessment through estimation of the scavengeable feed resource inventory and the scavengeable feed resources harvest is explained. Suggestions are made for optimum use of...
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

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Community listeners’ clubs empower rural women and men

Working with community radio stations, the listeners’ clubs empower their members to become actors in their own development.
Thanks to improved access to information and a powerful participatory communication approach, villagers in isolated communities across the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Niger are making strides to improve gender equality and empower women. FAO Dimitra community listeners’ clubs are helping rural populations participate in the development of...
Democratic Republic of the Congo - Niger
2014 - Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Agritourism’s Expansion into Romania: Food, Fun & Knowledge

Agritourism is picking up steam in Romania. From humble beginnings, this economic activity is steadily growing and helping the rural population keep their agricultural traditions and culture alive. It is important to take a moment to differentiate between ecotourism and agritourism. Ecotourism usually focuses on visiting pristine and relatively undisturbed natural...
2014 - Agricultural and rural convention 2020

Tendencias, diagnósticos y prospecciones

Caracterización y diagnóstico de la cadena de valor de la quinua en la Argentina
El presente trabajo tiene como objetivo caracterizar y diagnosticar la cadena de valor de la quinua en la Argentina, atendiendo específicamente a:  la estructura económica y socio-productiva del eslabón primario; la tipificación de los actores que participan en el eslabón secundario y terciario y el análisis de sus interacciones; la...
2014 - Ministerio de Agroindustria

Family farms in Dutch agriculture and horticulture

Analysis of statistical information on family farms in The Netherlands, 1980-2013
Netherlands (Kingdom of the)

Modelos silvopastoriles para el sur del Atlántico: Programa de apoyo a la reactivación económica de los municipios afectados por la ola invernal 2010-2011 en el departamento del Atlántico

Los sistemas silvopastoriles (SSP) son considerados como una alternativa para la recuperación de áreas ganaderas donde la deforestación es total o como una forma de rehabilitar áreas degradadas. Para los municipios del sur del Atlántico afectados por la “ola invernal”, la promoción de sistemas silvopastoriles (SSP), los cuales integran manejo...
2014 - ‎‎Corporación Colombiana de Investigación Agropecuaria (AGROSAVIA)

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Agriculture and Agricultural Policy in Albania

The future alignment of the Albania’s agriculture and rural development policy with the CAP requires a new vision for policymaking as well as a new approach to the design of policy measures, similar to the transformation carried by the new Member States before accession. In this context, understanding the diversity and...

Международный год семейных фермерских хозяйств

У семей все общее. Они живут под одной крышей и едят за одним столом. У них общие желания и мечты, успехи и неудачи. И в развитых и в развивающихся странах семьи фермеров также пожинают плоды общего труда. 
2014 - Продовольственная и сельскохозяйственная организация Объединенных Наций

AgroLAC 2025

AgroLAC 2025 is a multi-donor funding platform, coordinated by the Inter-American Development Bank, that is helping propel Latin American agriculture into a new era. Bringing together a broad range of public and private sector donors from around the world, AgroLAC 2025 works to identify and support sustainable agricultural practices and...
2014 - Inter-American Development Bank (IDB)

Тематическое исследование
Family farming research expertise in Languedoc-Roussillon

World agriculture is overwhelmingly dominated by family farming, which is the leading rural employment source and food provider. The 2014 International Year of Family Farming launched by the United Nations spotlights the importance of this system, providing an opportunity for the Agropolis International scientific community to showcase its high long-standing...
2014 - Agropolis international

Раздел книги
Agriculture and Agricultural Policy in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) is characterized by a complex government structure as a result of the General Framework Agreement for BiH, signed in late 1995 in Dayton. Under the agreement, BiH is a state consisting of two entities; namely the Federation of BiH (FBiH) and Republic of Srpska (RS), as...
Bosnia and Herzegovina

Main features of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and its implementation in Germany

The reform of the Common Agricultural Policy adopted in December 2013 will make Europe's agricultural sector greener and more sustainable and provide it with a reliable and stable basis for the years to come. The funds made available via the Common Agricultural Policy support both farmers and rural areas. A total...
2014 - Federal Ministry of Food an Agriculture

Fighting to Save the Icelandic Goat

Háafell is the only commercial and breeding goat farm in Iceland and it works specifically with one of the world’s oldest and rarest breed of goats: the Iceland Goat. For years, the Icelandic Goat has been teetering on the verge of extinction. At one point, the Icelandic Goat population had...
2014 - modern farmer
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