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Codex webinar a chance to explore main topics on the July agenda

The Codex informal webinar series continues on 23 April 2021 as experts leading work on the main agenda items at the Codex committee on veterinary drugs in food meet online to discuss how work has progressed since the last session held in 2018 in Chicago. The webinar series in general has been an opportunity to bring the Codex comunity up to speed on a range of technical topics moving through the standard development process.
The residues of veterinary drugs in food committee (CCRVDF) is a big testing ground for the ability of Codex to come together and achieve consensus. One such example where finding common ground is not easy are the differing views on the use, or not, of veterinary drugs for non-therapeutic purposes, i.e. beyond the treatment of disease. With zilpaterol on the CCRVDF agenda, the webinar will be an opportunity for those taking part to hear from the Chairperson of CCRVDF, Kevin Greenlees from the United States how he sees the debate unfolding.
The format of the live event will be interviews with some of the experts from the working groups and besides updates on zilpaterol, participants can also expect to learn about work on the extrapolation of maximum residue limits from one species to another and progress on finding a harmonized definition for edible tissues of animal origin including edible offal.
See the CCRVDF web page for the programme and information on how to register.