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Spanish food safety experts share knowledge on World Food Safety Day


In a World Food Safety Day webinar the Spanish food safety consultancy, Ainia, provided an overview of good food safety practices.

The event had a participation of 150 attendees and focused on exposing some aspects of the 5 basic elements:

  • Make sure they are safe
  • Ensure safe planting
  • Keep them safe
  • Understand what is “safe”
  • Create food safety teams

In addition, three strategic pillars to achieve the vision: "Safe food for people everywhere" were discussed. This included:

1. Benchmarking and harmonization: integration of legal/regulatory requirements with those of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) using Codex Alimentarius standards and codes of practice.

2. Capacity development: implementation of the "Global Markets Programme" to help small and medium-sized companies access the minimum information necessary to achieve food safety

3. Public-private collaboration: Integrate the public and private sectors in what has been developed. The sustainable development goals (SDGs) were also taken into account, especially SDGs 3 and 12, on health and responsible consumption and production respectively.