Глобальная платформа фермерских полевых школ

Global solutions for integrating gender equality in farmer field schools (FFS): results from FAO/CARE's joint study

30/05/2024 30/05/2024


In many countries, women are the unrecognized driving force of agrifood systems, yet they often face barriers to full participation in decision-making and income-generating activities. Globally, 36 percent of working women are employed in agrifood systems. In many countries, agrifood systems are a more important source of livelihood for women than for men. Gender inequality remains a key driver of poverty as well as one of the most widespread forms of injustice globally.  

Farmer Field Schools (FFS) have emerged as a powerful tool to break down these barriers and empower women in agricultural communities. To do so, FFS have developed gender specific tools, methodologies, good practices, and synergies with complementary approaches. 

These experiences show that, while focusing on empowering farmers in general, FFS notably succeeded in empowering women in agrifood systems, transforming the ways in which they act and are perceived within their communities. FFS have the potential to break down gender barriers, merge gender gaps, and empower women to actively participate in farm management, decision-making, and leadership roles. 

The webinar - collaboratively organized by FAO ESP, the Global FFS Platform, and CARE - aims at sharingthe latest findings from FAO and CARE USA's stocktaking on gender integration in FFS programs, shedding light on empowering outcomes of FFS such as improved access to services, better time management, and enhanced decision-making capacities, particularly for women. 

Join us to discover how FFS can transform gender roles, boost participation, and empower women in decision-making through FFS!