Global Feed Safety Platform

Pulses and their by-products as animal feed

2017 - FAOP.L. Sherasia, M.R. Garg and B.M. Bhanderi (Editors: Teodardo Calles and Harinder Makkar)
Animal nutrition, Feed ingredients
The pulses have an important role in food and nutrition security; however, an important dimension that is always missed is the role of pulses and their by-products (husk, small pulse grain particles obtained during processing for human consumption and crop residues) as animal feed. These by-products are good animal feeds and play an important role in feed-food security nexus. Also these by-products do not compete with human food. These by-products are extensively used as animal feed in Asia, and many groups have investigated the nutritional value of various by-products as animal feed; however the information is scattered. Currently there is no review or technical document that gives a synthesis on this subject. The length of the document is expected to be between 200 and 250 pages and will be based on the FAO definition of pulses. This document, in addition to highlighting the role of pulses and their by-products towards animal production and food security, will inspire Africa and Latin America to explore approaches to efficiently use these by-products as livestock feed (their use in these continents is limited). In addition, the information synthesised will also enhance their efficiency of utilization in countries that are already using them as animal feed.

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