La plataforma global de la inocuidad de los piensos

EU Guidelines for the feed use of food no longer intended for human consumption

Normas y estandares
2018 - European CommissionOfficial Journal of the European Union
Salud animal, Ingredientes de piensos, Inocuidad de alimentos
The Commission established an action plan to reduce food waste as integral part of the communication on the Circular Economy. One of the initiatives is, without competing with the sourcing of food banks, to valorise the nutrients of food which is, for commercial reasons or due to problems of manufacturing or certain defects, no longer intended for human consumption, through its safe use in animal nutrition, without compromising animal and public health. Thus, the feed use of such food avoids that these materials are composted, transformed in biogas or disposed of by incineration or landfilling. The distinction between food, animal by-products, feed and waste has evident implications with respect to the legislative framework governing the different kinds of products concerned.

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