Fisheries and Aquaculture Division (NFI)

Blue Transformation

Aquatic food systems are critical for global food security and nutrition. They are an essential resource as they support human well-being and sustain the lives and livelihoods of billions of people, in particular coastal and riparian communities that are vulnerable to poverty and malnutrition.

The Fisheries and Aquaculture Division (NFI) works with Members and partners to transform aquatic systems and promote the responsible and sustainable management of aquatic food systems, for better production, better nutrition, a better environment, and a better life. Leaving no one behind.

Konya, Turkey - Fishing boats stand by a cage culture where fish are held in floating net pens.
Sustainable Aquaculture

Area lead: Xinhua Yuan

Global and regional processes
Team leader: Matthias Halwart

National planning and development support
Team leader: Nathanael Hishamunda

Technology and production
Team leader: Xinhua Yuan (ad int)

Samsun, Turkey - A local fisherman propelling his boat by punting a pole against the bed of the lake.
Sustainable Fisheries

Area lead: Vera Agostini

Assessment and management
Team leader: Pedro Barros

Equitable livelihoods
Team leader: Nicole Franz

Global and regional processes
Team leader: Matthew Camilleri

Technology and operations
Team leader: Raymon van Anrooy

Tokyo, Japan - Scenes from the Tsukiji market in Tokyo.
Sustainable Trade and Value Chains

Area lead: Audun Lem

Food safety, nutrition & health
Team leader: Melba Reantaso

Trade and markets
Team leader: Marcio Castro de Souza

Value chain development
Team leader: Nianjun Shen

Madagascar - Rice production and fish farming. Man fishing while a farmer weeds the nearby rice field.
Cross-cutting areas of  work

Area leads: Director and Deputy Directors


Team leader: Kim Friedman

Team leader: Stefania Vannuccini

Team leader: Jennifer Gee

Information and knowledge management
Team leader: Marc Taconet

Divisional support and project cycle unit
Team leader: Steven Ciocca

Port of Cherchell, Tipaza, Algeria. Trawling vessels.
General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean

Executive Secretary: Manuel Barange (ad int)


Team leader: Miguel Bernal

Team leader: Housam Hamza

Team leader: Nicola Ferri

Publications and Communication
Team leader: Dominique Bourdenet


Underwater, Malta - Bluefin Tuna is a species commonly farmed in pens outside the coast of Malta in the Mediterranean Sea.
Indian Ocean Tuna Commission

Executive Secretary: Christopher O’Brien


Team leader: Paul DeBruyn

Team leader: Fabio Fiorellato

Team leader: Gerard Domingue

Team leader: Howard Whalley