Seguridad en la pesca


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13 January 2023
Safety at sea essentials: The posters developed with the Fish Safety Foundation can be used for awareness creation purposes, or be [...more]
25 October 2022
The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is rolling out a train-the-trainer workshop to provide practical training [...more]
19 September 2022
Could you tell the difference between a fishing vessel and a tugboat at night?  FAO with support of the FISH Safety [...more]
14 September 2022
Safety at sea is often an overlooked aspect of fisheries management. Noting the conservation and management role of regional fishery [...more]
19 April 2022
Insurance is important for increasing safety in fisheries. However, the FAO World review of capture fisheries and aquaculture insurance 2022, [...more]
26 January 2022
The FAO manual on Safety at sea for small-scale fishers has now been published in 16 languages: Arabic, Bengali, Chinese, [...more]
23 July 2021
On 28 April 2021 the United Nations General Assembly proclaimed 25 July as the World Drowning Prevention Day. The observance, which [...more]
22 July 2021
FAO’s e-learning academy has added a new course about the traffic rules at sea. It’s specially made for small-scale fishers, [...more]
21 May 2021
El folleto sobre “Uniendo esfuerzos para forjar el futuro del sector pesquero: Promoción de la seguridad y el trabajo digno [...more]
21 May 2021
Various Caribbean countries have worked in 2020-2021 with FAO on improving safety at sea for small-scale fishers. Within the safety [...more]