Flexible Multi-Partner Mechanism (FMM)

Nutrition sensitive agriculture and social protection


To improve the access of smallholder producers and their families to income-generating opportunities and better nutrition based on sustainable agricultural diversification towards more nutrition-dense plant and animal food sources that are congruent with culturally appropriate healthy diets and supported by public procurement for home-grown school feeding (HGSF) programmes, and to scale up national integrated approaches on gender- and nutrition-sensitive social protection.

Status of the subprogramme
On going


Major results

The subprogramme was declared operational at the global level in December 2019. The design was carried out in close consultation with all four countries, which are ready to start implementation once the individual country-level agreements have been signed. Additionally, recipient countries and beneficiary groups were identified, and the project task force was established.

Technical colleagues, in coordination with the ESN team, will follow up with countries to ensure that country agreements are signed and that implementation begins as early as possible.

Several challenges were experience as a result of COVID-19, including:

  • Travel and movement restrictions due to the pandemic
  • An increased risk that government priorities will shift due to the pandemic and that the subprogramme will not remain a priority

Mitigation of the challenges:

  • Postponement of all physical meetings until the last quarter of the year
  • Focusing on administrative activities (e.g. preparing TORs, LOAs, contracts and virtual discussions with stakeholders)

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