Потери и порча пищевой продукции в производственно-сбытовых цепях рыбного хозяйства


Этот раздел содержит публикации и ресурсы, касающиеся продовольственных потерь и порчи пищевой продукции в производственно-сбытовых цепях рыбного хозяйства.


Description of a project to introduce an improved fish container for women retailers. It provides important lessons for such interventions.  
This paper seeks to evaluate evidence on aggregate fisheries trade and consumption trends, and to put this in the context of other work on present and future demand for meat and fish.
Quality in Frozen Food
01 January 1997
This paper focuses on shelf life testing of frozen foods for product development and market practices. Testing consists of selecting quality characteristics which deteriorate most rapidly time and the mathematical modelling of the change.
This report provides details of various aspects of live fish transport in three main areas: 1. Capture and pre-transport maintenance, 2. Packaging and live transport, 3. Post-transport maintenance.
Estimates of global fish discarded, as well as techniques to reduce bycatch levels, including traditional net selectivity, fishing gear development and time/area restrictions, are discussed.