Food safety and quality

Risk Ranger: A Simple Food Safety Risk Calculation Tool

Risk Ranger is a simple and accessible food safety risk calculation tool intended to help determine relative risks from various product/pathogen/processing combinations and is presented in Microsoft® Excel spreadsheet software.

In addition to ranking risks, Risk Ranger helps to focus the attention of the users on the interplay of factors that contribute to foodborne disease. The model can be used to explore the effect of different risk-reduction strategies, or the extent of change required to bring about a desired reduction in risk.

The model can be used by risk managers and others without extensive experience in risk modelling. It is a useful tool for helping to train food safety managers to think in terms of risk.

Full details of the tool and its uses and limitations can be found in the International Journal of Food Microbiology, (Vol. 77, Issues 1-2, pp.39-53, 2002). An application of Risk Assessment in the fish industry using Risk Ranger is described in the FAO Fisheries Technical Paper (No. 442, 2004).

The tool is available free of charge from the Australia's food safety information portal.