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Successful Dialogue on Sustainable Food Systems in Albania


A recent successful Dialogue on Sustainable Food Systems held in Albania shows the path for moving forward with Agri-Tourism Sector Transformation

The National Dialogue on Sustainable Food Systems of Albania took place last 21 June, organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the UN Resident Coordinator Office, and FAO in Albania, as part of the FAO project "SFS-MED - A Multi-Stakeholder Initiative for Sustainable Food Systems in the Mediterranean", funded by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

This Dialogue was an important step in the country's efforts to build sustainable and resilient food systems, through inclusive policy-making that saw the participation of over 200 stakeholders in a series of consultations in 3 different regions and in the capital city of Tirana. The event aimed to discuss the roadmap for transforming Albanian food systems through sustainable agro-tourism and fostering cross-sectoral collaborations among governmental and non-governmental stakeholders. Such roadmap promotes actions that aim at revitalizing rural economies, while protecting the natural landscape and agrobiodiversity at the core of agro-tourism endeavors.

The SFS-MED Platform is a multi-stakeholder initiative co-led by FAO, CIHEAM, UfM and PRIMA as an affiliated project of the One Planet Network’s SFS Programme. The Platform is a forum for multi-stakeholder dialogue and collaboration, a network for strengthening knowledge sharing and capacity building, and a catalyst for regional cooperation on priority themes for sustainable food systems transformation in the Mediterranean.

The SFS-MED Platform is open to all food systems stakeholders in the Mediterranean region and aims to create a community to leverage and share the knowledge, experience and skills of food systems actors across the Mediterranean region towards concerted action for the sustainable transformation of food systems.

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