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Uganda’s Journey towards Sustainable Agrifood Systems


A new episode of the FAO's podcast series Towards sustainable agrifood systems illustrates Uganda's efforts to enhance the sustainability of its agrifood system. 

The episode sheds light on recent developments in Uganda's agrifood institutional and policy infrastructure, underscoring the nation's commitment to addressing the multiple challenges and tensions of its agrifood system.

The discussion highlights the critical role of multi-stakeholder collaboration in fostering improved governance and accountability. One of the key results of such endeavour is the establishment of a National Food Systems Coordination Committee, which includes government bodies, UN agencies, research and academic institutions, private sector and civil society organizations.

During the podcast, the audience will hear insights from Edward Walugembe, Commissioner for Strategic Coordination and Implementation at the Office of the Prime Minister and chairperson of the National Food Systems Coordination Committee, alongside Agnes Kirabo, Executive Director of the Food Rights Alliance in Uganda.   

Commissioner Walugembe underscores the importance of communication, coordination and continuity in sustainable agrifood systems transformation. "Transformation is radical in nature" - he states - stressing the necessity of support from both state and non-state actors to achieve the transformation.

This episode is a must-listen for anyone interested in understanding the complexities of agrifood systems and the innovative approaches being adopted to ensure sustainability. It sheds light on Uganda's efforts and the collaborative spirit driving these initiatives forward, providing valuable insights to transform our agrifood systems in a sustainable way.

You can learn more about multi-stakeholder collaboration and five essential building blocks for successful multi-stakeholder collaboration in our recent publication “Rethinking our food systems: A guide for multi-stakeholder collaboration”.