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Rate of loss has slowed in the last decade, new FAO report says

FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA) provides essential information for understanding the extent of forest resources, their condition, management and uses.

The ongoing assessment, FRA 2025, examines the status of, and trends in, more than 60 forest-related variables in 236 countries and territories in the period 1990–2025. FRA 2025 data are collected using commonly agreed terms and definitions through a transparent, traceable reporting process and a well-established network of officially nominated national correspondents that covers 191 countries and territories.

Insight into the Global Forest Resources Assessment process

FRA 2025 Supporting documents

Country reporting process and voluntary updates
Guidelines and Specifications
Terms and Definitions

FRA is the mechanism for collecting data and reporting on two forest-related indicators of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Specifically, data submitted to FRA contribute to reporting on SDG goal 15 – Life on Land - indicators 15.1.1 (forest area as a proportion of total land area) and 15.2.1 (progress towards sustainable forest management). In addition, the FRA team manages the custodianship of SDG Indicator 15.4.2 a) Mountain Green Cover Index and b) Proportion of Degraded Mountain Land.

FRA 2020 Results

FRA 2020 Key findings

The Key Findings of FRA 2020 present a synoptic view of the world’s forests and the ways in which the resources have changed in the period 1990-2020.

Also available as a digital report, an innovative resource presenting the main findings from FRA 2020 through responsive data visualizations.

FRA 2020 Main Report

The FRA 2020 Main Report contains the detailed findings of the data analysis, comprising the status of and main trends in each variable.

Country Reports

Access to 236 country and territory reports containing documentation of references and original data used for reporting to FRA 2020.

Access FRA data

A new way to explore FRA data! Access to the complete FRA 2020 database through the interactive platform and dashboards. 


Access to FRA 2020 maps on key variables.

Interactive maps now available through Hand in Hand Geospatial Platform.

Social media kit

Access press releases here along with other communication materials and join the conversation on social media with #FRA2020 with a full social media package.



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