Global Forest Resources Assessments

New digital badge for the FAO elearning course on forest-related indicators of SDG

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has developed an elearning course on the forest-related indicators to track progress towards Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 15 – Life on Land: “SDG indicators 15.1.1 and 15.2.1 - Forest area and sustainable forest management”. Learners can access the course free of charge in English, French and Spanish and get a digital badge that certifies the new competencies acquired.

The course is particularly recommended to those who play a role in data collection related to the SDG Indicators 15.1.1 and 15.2.1, such as national correspondents to the Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA).

The course may also be of interest for other professionals who wish to better understand this process, including heads of national forestry authority, ministries, policy advisors, and national statistical officers.

With this product, FAO concretely supports countries in forest data reporting and tracking progress towards SDG Indicators 15.1.1 (Forest area as a proportion of total land area) and 15.2.1 (Progress towards sustainable forest management). The FAO elearning course on SDG Indicators 15.1.1 and 15.2.1 illustrates the rationale of the indicators, the definitions and methodologies for monitoring, and explains the process and the tools available for compiling data related to the two indicators, through the FRA Programme.

The course consists of 5 lessons, ranging from approximately 20 to 60 minutes duration. Learners can access them online or in a downloadable format on their computers.

The course is available as a global public good through the FAO elearning Academy, which is adopting the Digital Badges Certification System, to certify the acquisition of competencies, in order to progress talents within organizations and increase employment opportunities. A certification granted by FAO, by passing the final scenario-based performance evaluation, is now associated to the FAO e-learning courses, including this course. Badges are an official recognition of competencies acquired and are part of the professional profile of learners, who can then incorporate them in their linkedin, e-portfolio, curriculum on the web, for employment purposes, education or lifelong learning.

Interested learners could also explore the FAO e-learning course “Forests and transparency under the Paris Agreement” or other forest-related courses in the portfolio of over 350 multilingual e-learning courses offered by the FAO elearning Academy.

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