Global Forest Resources Assessments

Enhancing Forest Data Reporting for Monitoring and Conserving Forests in the Pacific Countries


Nadi, Fiji, 10 May 2023 - The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) organized a three-day Regional Workshop in Nadi, Fiji, with the aim of guiding and supporting twelve representatives from Pacific countries in compiling data for the Global Forest Resources Assessment (FRA 2025). 

This workshop was part of FAO's ongoing commitment to support monitoring and sustainable management of the world's forest resources. Given their ecological, cultural, economic, and social significance, it is essential to protect and sustainably manage Pacific forests for future generations and for the well-being of both local communities and the global community as a whole.

The workshop’s primary focus was to equip National Correspondents with necessary technical skills and knowledge to enhance the quality and transparency of the FRA 2025 reports. By improving the reporting on forest data, the society can make more informed decisions regarding the sustainable use of forests.

Tailored assistance in forest data compilation

The three-day workshop was dedicated to training the participants on the FRA 2025 terms and definitions, guidelines, and the effective use of the online platform for compiling their country reports. The participants actively reviewed and updated the information in the FRA platform, aiming to improve the documentation and consistency of their national reports. The technical sessions also provided ample time for clarifications, discussions, and personalized one-to-one sessions to address specific issues faced by each country.

During the workshop, participants were also introduced to the new FRA Geospatial tools, accessible through the online platform. FAO staff conducted a one-to-one demonstration, showcasing the capabilities of these tools to countries with freely available data from global products. This segment allowed participants to explore the geospatial tools and gain valuable insights into their application in the FRA reporting process. 

In addition to the hands-on sessions, a half-day field trip was organized on the second day to foster networking and cultural exchange among the participants. 

As the workshop concluded on May 10, 2023, participants expressed their commitment to finalizing and submitting their country reports within the agreed-upon deadlines. They highly appreciated the personalized support and guidance provided throughout the workshop.

Looking ahead, FAO remains dedicated to providing ongoing virtual support to participants during the data computation and compilation period. This continuous assistance will ensure the timely and successful completion of the FRA 2025 country reports.