Global Forest Resources Assessments

Forest Ecology and Management


Special Issue: Changes in Global Forest Resources from 1990 to 2015
Guest Editor: Kenneth MacDicken

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Introduction to the Changes in Global Forest Resources from 1990 to 2015.
Kenneth MacDicken, Greg Reams, Joberto de Freitas.
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Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015: What, why and how?
Kenneth G. MacDicken (Rome, Italy).
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Dynamics of global forest area: Results from the FAO Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015
R.J. Keenan (Australia), G.A. Reams (Arlington, USA), F. Achard (Italy), J.V. de Freitas (Brasília-DF, Brazil), A. Grainger (Leeds, UK) and E. Lindquist (Rome, Italy).
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Changes in forest production, biomass and carbon: Results from the 2015 UN FAO Global Forest Resource Assessment
M. Köhl (Hamburg, Germany), R. Lasco (Philippines), M. Cifuentes (Turrialba, Costa Rica), Ö. Jonsson (Rome, Italy), K.T. Korhonen (Joensuu, Finland), P. Mundhenk (Hamburg, Germany), J. de Jesus Navar (Mexico) and G. Stinson (Victoria, Canada).
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Protective functions and ecosystem services of global forests in the past quarter-century

S. Miura (Tokyo, Japan), M. Amacher (Logan, USA), T. Hofer (Rome, Italy), J. San-Miguel-Ayanz (Italy), Ernawati (Indonesia) and R. Thackway (Australia).
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Global progress toward sustainable forest management

K.G. MacDicken (Rome, Italy), P. Sola (Kenya), J.E. Hall (Canada), C. Sabogal (Italy), M. Tadoum and C. de Wasseige (Cameroon).
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Changes in planted forests and future global implications

T. Payn (New Zealand), J.-M. Carnus (France), P. Freer-Smith (UK), M. Kimberley (New Zealand), W. Kollert (Rome, Italy), S. Liu (China), C. Orazio (France), L. Rodriguez (Brazil), L.N. Silva (Switzerland) and M.J. Wingfield (South Africa).
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Status and trends in global primary forest, protected areas, and areas designated for conservation of biodiversity from the Global Forest Resources Assessment 2015

D. Morales-Hidalgo (Roma, Italy), S.N. Oswalt (Knoxville, USA) and E. Somanathan (New Delhi, India).
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Global forest area disturbance from fire, insect pests, diseases and severe weather events

P. van Lierop, E. Lindquist, S. Sathyapala and G. Franceschini (Rome, Italy).
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New estimates of CO2 forest emissions and removals: 1990–2015

S. Federici, F.N. Tubiello, M. Salvatore, H. Jacobs and J. Schmidhuber (Rome, Italy).
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Global trends in forest ownership, public income and expenditure on forestry and forestry employment
A. Whiteman (United Arab Emirates), A. Wickramasinghe (Sri Lanka) and L. Piña (Italy).
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Assessing change in national forest monitoring capacities of 99 tropical countries

E. Romijn (PB Wageningen, The Netherlands), C.B. Lantican (Los Baños, Philippines), M. Herold (PB Wageningen, The Netherlands), E. Lindquist (Rome, Italy), R.Ochieng (PB Wageningen, The Netherlands), A.Wijaya (Bogor, Indonesia), D. Murdiyarso (Bogor, Indonesia) and L.Verchot (Bogor, Indonesia).
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Projecting global forest area towards 2030
R. dAnnunzio, M. Sandker (Rome, Italy), Y. Finegold (Worcester, USA) and Z. Min (Beijing, China).
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Forest Resources Assessment of 2015 shows positive global trends but forest loss and degradation persist in poor tropical countries
S. Sloan and J.A. Sayer (Cairns, Australia).
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