Foro Global sobre Seguridad Alimentaria y Nutrición (Foro FSN)

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Sra. Renata Mirulla

Organización: FAO
País: Italia
I am working on:

Facilitating EVAL-ForwARD, a Community of Practice on evaluation for Food Security, agriculture and rural development

Renata is a Policy Officer and Comminity of Practice facilitator. 

She currently works for EVAL-ForwARD, a Community of Practice on evaluation for food security, agriculture and rural development.

She moderated the FSN Forum from 2019 to 2018 and was responsible for the planning, operation and scaling up of Forum activities and of the FSN Forum in West Africa.

Renata holds a Master’s degree in Political Science from La Sapienza University of Rome, Italy and specialized in knowledge management and communication for development.


Este miembro contribuyó a:

    • Dear FSN Forum members,

      This UNICEF paper on cash transfers and child nutrition provides a comprehensive overview of the impacts of cash transfer programmes on child nutrition: while cash transfers have a positive role in increasing resources for food, health and care, the evidence is mixed with respect to whether these programmes positively impact growth-related outcomes among children.

      This paper reinforces the message coming from the Bangladesh study that cash transfers alone are probably not enough to ensure improvements in child nutrition. If cash transfers are delivered along with interventions on nutrition education, behaviour communication, and supply side interventions that improve access and quality of health services there are greater chances to achieve impacts on child nutrition.

      I look forward to hear the outcomes from the Moscow meeting last week, where nutrition-sensitive social protection programmes have been discussed and thanks to Lalita for sharing this paper.



      Dear colleagues in West Africa,

      I would like to share the interview with Lawrence Ofori-Addo from the Department of Social Welfare in Ghana government, coordinator of the LEAP cash transfer programme "Exploring links between Social Protection and Agriculture". Lawrence talks about challenges encountered and evidence collected so far on how cash transfers can promote agriculture productive activities.

      The interview was realized in the context of the From Protection to Production (PtoP) project.

      Chers collègues d'Afrique de l'Ouest, 

      J'aimerais partager l'interview de Lawrence Ofori-Addo, coordinateur du programme de transferts monétaires LEAP au Département  des Affaires Sociales au gouvernement ghanéen. Dans cette interview en anglais, "Exploring links between Social Protection and Agriculture", Lawrence parle des défis rencontrés et des éléments rassemblés jusque là sur la manière dont les transferts monétaires peuvent promouvoir  les activités de production agricoles.

      Cette interview a été réalisée dans le contexte du projet De la Protection à la Production.