The farm is the perfect place for troubled or poor young people. Not only does it make modern logical perfect sense for the under privileged to grow their own food, but it is in nature where one can heal and it is nature where the dynamics exist to empower, the un-empowered.

For many poor youth, they don't trust the modern world, and the modern world does not trust them. In light of the new unstoppable information that is coming out and to the front lines of life, regarding modern agriculture and it's cancer and sickness causing chemicals, that are killing our most precious of pollinators, micro organisms, and misileums crucial to the planet and all biological life's survival; we need this large army of poor people to go out onto whatever land of whatever ownership, and do permaculture, as the rightful living examples to the next era of human life that moves forward in harmony with the nature in which we come from.

I unofficially adopted for a little over a year an indigenous boy of 13-16 years of age that was completely abandoned by his parents on the Caribbean Island of Colon, Bocas del Toro, Panama, back in 2016. I simply doubled the cost of my food purchases, and gave him space in the house to sleep. The famous community criminal, had a new hope, he had some love, some nice shelter, a situation worth keeping, a leader worth respecting and without being asked, he started jumping in on the work. After that year he knew basic building trade, cement, and was proud of some pretty descent farm work.

I wish I could have done more for him. No doubt he will be a tough guy to learn from in his latter years if he can keep his moral compass pointed right.

Permaculture idealism and depth is truly and continuously amazing. To take under privileged young person onto a farm, is a hugely valuable karmic act for the sponsor, a true miracle to the child, and a miracle for the of health and life of our cycle of life. It is a growing field given the information and law suits regarding GMO's, Glyphosates which are advancing into realms of common knowledge. Permacultures are going to be in a steadily increasing demand. A Permaculturist has endless positions of employment in sites across the globe. A great field for young persons to get involved and become experts in.

Structured right with an intelligent well though out rite of passage, young people can cultivate with a with an unstoppable set of empowerment's on the farm if:

More than fair share is given. In respects to the existing written doctrine of “permaculture” specifically, a very well conceived social culture with core principles is written. An essential principle of permaculture is known as “fair share,” and that is the long awaited revelation from when we though slavery ended and we would actually give one another sufficient credit for their achievements and part in the end result to give the workers a real fair piece of the take and of the land. I would like to push that idea into a principle titled “more than fair share.” This is likely to be embodied in actuality if the permaculture is done on public land. Permaculture is perfect for public land and can be added to existing forest without any cutting or clearing. Imagine not only sponsoring a youth with a small increase in food cost, and sacrifice of space but allowing him to earn his own land if even ever so small. It will be difficult to sign away the promised take to someone who earned it through clear requirements discussed and contracted ahead of time. If the initial requirements are oriented to see that the apprentice meets certain moral character milestones, the sponsor has surely acquired, a loyal, appreciative and experienced counterpar4t in that area for security, neighborship, occasional assistance and community.

Balanced access to the internet with capable computers and software is available daily for a few hours. Getting away from addictive use of technology. The limit of 3 or four hours per day is important.

Nutritional Diversity diet is administered in the permaculture. A good diet is often not available to youths in urban settings, working on farms is an opportunity to eat a highly nutritious diet.

On the farm, away from modern influence, judgment and poverty (as a construct of the modern city), a poor person almost ceases to be poor, and after a few weeks they all begin to believe in doing amazing things. The idealism includes a very well conceived social culture as well including the essential article of “fair share.” It is the antithesis of slavery and mandates fair credit to all from the end product for their achievement in its production.

It was in permaculture-like settings such as African and Native American tribal encampments where doctrinal factors such as communal size efficiency of 90 people was the limit for genial, sustainable the tribe at community. In the case of the more documented African policy, the encampment would split at a population size of 180. The would split in half there generations, elder, near elder, apprentice elders, adolescents, young and very young. A lesson which brings my thoughts to point out that, farm recruitment should be just as diverse. For every young person recruited, and older should be and median older next so that work and experience, light and spirit can interchange to balance and support the nurturing of all. Fortunately for this purpose there are plenty of poor people in all age groups.

Permacultures across the globe today are a conclusive scientific result that more nutritious, less toxic food is produced on them v.s. the centrally distributed supermarket store products of today. More valuable, applicable and naturally correct guidance is given on a farm then in modern education. In nature a dynamic education is administered, and one that instills in it's students a very real and responsible duty to nature, whereas seeds are not thrown away, the earth is not polluted, but instead intensely respected and whole new meaning is given to the word morality. Another item now a days largely missing from modern society, especially in the cities.

Police and crime is a big issue especially for the poor person. These Native American, African and other smaller sized communities can offer very effective, tested and alternatives on disciplining or loving the community members, such as 89 gather around 1 and one by one naming out the beautiful things they have seen that person do, realizing mistakes are made and supporting the guidance back to who they truly are.

To work for the cycle of life, rather than self, could effectiously better our products, into better products because we want the best for our communities, and the profit system, wants to have the best profit often times reducing the product quality.

Farmers are inherently dynamic and farm experience much more than the military can be a character benefit to individual poor person that is recommended, should be farming. The problem lies expertise's and specialties. The farmer is a jack of all trades, who can work on a still, electrical, tool repair, plumbing, small motors, big motors, fiberglass, sheet metal, etc. This jack of all trades concept is a doctrinal factor in permaculture, even for plant selections in that multiple use and application elections are best. Maybe everyone in humanity can do every job, or a naturally inclined spectrum of jobs and while doing that job can express a full peak of added benefits for everyone. Everyone for Everyone is clearly a step ahead in the evolutionary wait.

While looking at a few surviving wise man texts, the Tibetan Book of the Dead, The Holy Bible, The Art of War or simply a broad enough spectrum of experiential diversity we are warned of our ego growth as a direct pathway to powerful and grievous downfall. We are a deceived and misguided science culture in the mainstream today infatuated with our own missiles and automobiles, and blind to the far more advanced organic science in which we belong. Is ego to blame? Lack of nutrition, or better said, lack of Nutritional Diversity to blame? Is social culture or modern education mis-directing us from our god given riches of a natural and happy life? Each of the issues, quietly and peacefully retreats as time in the rhythm of permaculture and nature unifies with any age of soul. Healing and sanity – even a new crystal clarity replace sickness and confusion in the permaculture setting.

The ultimate permaculture will function optimally when done to public lands or lands unknown. The poor can do this starting with chickens, animals and vegetables today.

The ultimate human condition I believe is nomadic, and is inherently growing experiential and geographical and nutritional, diversity spectrum's much more than the “Pueblo Indian,” although there is an equally important experience about staying in one place a time. What joy would it be to horse back across the continents, with the knowledge of wild foods and the skills to catch wild beast, in the ultimate adventure of freedom.

All youth should spend as much time as possible in nature during their developing years.