The role of livestock in food security, poverty reduction and wealth creation in West Africa

With the objective of gaining a better insight into the challenges and opportunities of the livestock sub-sector in West Africa, FAO has conducted several studies and held various workshops in recent years. The outcomes of these studies and workshops conducted between 2009 and 2014 were published and distributed as hard copy reports and disseminated as on-line publications. These reports included topics such as value chains, cross-border transhumance, animal feed resources, priority animal diseases, among others, were informative in their own right. Still, the fact that they targeted specific areas of livestock in a fragmented manner did not address the need of readers whose wish was to have a comprehensive understanding of the livestock sector in West Africa. It is in response to this demand for a comprehensive outlook of the West African Livestock sub-sector that different reports and studies have been compiled into this one book. The book has twelve chapters, covering almost all aspects of livestock in the region. Attempts were made to enrich the information provided by including eight short case studies focusing on different aspects of the livestock sub-sector in West Africa. The book attempts to fill the gap of a need for comprehensive information on the potential, performance, challenges, and prospects of the livestock sub-sector in West Africa.

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