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Questionnaire on the Proposed FAO Food Security Commitment and Capacity Profile

Dear Members,

In 2012 FAO started to adapt the balanced scorecard methodology to assess and track performance of national authorities in terms of their commitment and capacity to act on food insecurity and malnutrition.

The idea was to identify a set of measures that would provide a quick but comprehensive view of countries’ commitments and institutional capacities in order to support informed dialogue and planning, prioritise investments, and monitor public performance. This resulted in the Food Security Commitment and Capacity Profile (FSCCP), which provides a snapshot of national governments’ commitments and capacities to address food insecurity and malnutrition along different dimensions.

Currently the FSCCP forms the basis of the results framework for FAO’s work on eradicating hunger food insecurity and malnutrition and is used for planning and performance monitoring in various countries.

On the basis of the FSCCP, the Statistics Division is now investigating the possibility of developing an aggregate index for the FSCCP and has prepared a short explanation and a questionnaire to receive your comments.


Thank you for your cooperation,

Piero Conforti, Nathalie Troubat, Chiara Brunelli and Elliot Berry

Statistics Division, FAO