Dear FAO’s Food Systems Programme,

thank you for sharing the Draft Outline for the CoC on Food Loss and Waste Prevention and giving us the opportunity to contribute to this on-going work.

We would like to share three main points:

1) First of all, we believe that it is essential to structure the document with a clear distrinction between food loss and food waste.

2) Then it is crucial to consider that et European level there are many initiatives on Food Loss and Waste Prevention that should be taken into consideration in order to avoid any duplication and building on exisiting experience and expertise (e.g. EU Platform on Food Losses and Waste, EU guidelines on food donation, European and national legislation, etc.). Moreover the EU Platform on Food Losses and Waste coordinated by the DG Health and Food Safety, European Commission is drafting key reccommendation for future actions preventing food losses and waste.

3) Finally, we agree with the approach to follow the food and drink waste hierarchy, however it is important to consider that this is a document providing general principles and practices. If the document goes into too much detail it may lose its added value and overall view. Moreover, food redistribution should be considered as an activity which takes place whithin the food supply chain (agricultural, processing, distribution, and food service sectors) and not as a separate initiative.

We are at your disposal for any furthe rinformation.

Best regards,

Angela Frigo