G77 & China - Rome Chapter

The G77 & China - Rome Chapter

The Group of 77 was established on the 15th of June 1964 during a United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) held in Geneva. This conference heralded the inception of a group of 75 developing countries pledging to promote equality in the international economic and social order and promote the interests of the developing world. This was largely seen as an "initial step towards the international endorsement of a new trade policy for development". 

In a joint declaration made at the UNCTAD, the G77 & China members declared their unity under a common interest and defined their Group as "an instrument for enlarging the area of co-operative endeavor in the international field and for securing mutually beneficent relationships with the rest of the world." 

While the initial mandate of the G77 & China was to accentuate the trade and development related issues of its members, the focus of the group has since evolved: today, it is a successful lobby group within the United Nations structures.


The list of G77 & China Members (with representation in Rome) (as of September 2022)

Microsoft Word - GROUP OF 77 MEMBERS.odt (fao.org)


Historical list of G77 & China Chairpersons (as of March 2022)

G-77_and_China_Chairs_1974-2022.pdf (fao.org)