G77 y China - Capitulo Roma

The Chair delivered G77 & China joint statement on agenda item 3 in the 165th Session of FAO Council

Rome Italy 30/11/2020

On 30 November 2020, the first day of the 165th Session of FAO Council, Ambassador Esti Andayani, the Chair of the G77 & China - Rome Chapter, delivered a joint statement on the agenda item: Outline of the Strategic Framework 2022-31 and Outline of the Medium Term Plan 2022-25.

The Group welcomes both Outlines and the inclusive process held for the elaboration as well as its centrality on the Agenda 2030 and SDGs. It also highlights the importance of the needs and priorities at the regional level to ensure a bottom-up approach in reviewing the Strategic Framework.

The Chair emphasized that food systems transformation is needed, as well as the importance of financial resources, technology transfer, and capacity building in facilitating the transition towards sustainable food systems. In this regard, the principles of Common but Differentiated Responsibilities, solidarity, and cooperation are essential to guide the implementation efforts. 

The Group also calls for the new Strategic Framework to guarantee all proven approaches, systems, and tools to achieve sustainable food systems and calls for the FAO to address them in a neutral and balanced manner.

While looking forward to a successful and result-oriented Food Systems Summit 2021, the Group considers that the Summit's outcomes that are not negotiated by FAO Members should not determine, condition, or limit the elaboration of the FAO Strategic Framework. In addition, the Strategic Framework should be agile enough to enable FAO to respond to challenges that food systems face, and to address disruptions caused by climate change, natural disasters, conflict and socioeconomic crises.


By Ms Run LIN ([email protected])