Últimas noticias e información sobre igualdad de género y empoderamiento de la mujer
Women's work is essential to thriving coastal fisheries, but their labor is often invisible
Joint FAO/IFAD/WFP News Release on International Women’s Day
In Zimbabwe, FAO has played a big role in recognizing, advocating and celebrating the contribution of women and girls to building sustainable agri-food systems.
Ahead of International Women’s Day, FAO calls for women traders to be included in the AfCFTA
International Women’s Day 2022: celebrating the contributions of rural and indigenous women to healthy food systems and a sustainable tomorrow
Lograr la igualdad de género para las mujeres supone promover su función esencial en la ciencia y en todas estas disciplinas.
Through a series of discussions, community members accept to engage in a critical self-reflection about their gender norms.
A project is officially launched to support six Eastern Africa nations
By combining the sharing of insights with analysis, the Social Norms Exploration Tool (SNET) provides a catalyst for the community itself to act on what is uncovered.
Representatives of the three RBAs mentioned their commitment to apply various methods to help raise awareness about the persisting gender gaps negatively impacting on the Ecuadorian society.
The use of theatrical debate is part of the JP GTA’s efforts to help the RBAs address discriminatory norms and promote an institutional culture free from negative unconscious gender bias.
First Vice-President Campbell Barr underlined the importance of solidarity, passion, and compassion. “Every day we must work at being a better person to build a better community, society, and a better world” she said.
On International Day of Rural Women, FAO launches new guide - Seize the opportunities of the African Continental Free Trade Area for the economic empowerment of women in agriculture
Arati Devi Karna, a woman from the Gujara municipality, Rautahat district, says "The radio programme of JP RWEE is my university".
FAO-IFAD webinar showcases gender transformative approaches and tools for women’s financial inclusion, drawing audience of over 200.
Como guardianas de gran parte de la cultura alimentaria de Guyana, las mujeres crean oportunidades de medios de vida y mejoran la seguridad alimentaria y la nutrición de sus familias y comunidades.
One in every six people employed in Ukraine works in agriculture, forestry and fisheries. The report reveals that specific job types within that sector tend to fall into either “female” or “male” occupation categories.
A key component of development efforts to end hunger and malnutrition involves tackling the persistent gender inequalities that limit women’s potential and constrain their economic and social empowerment.
La sesión de discusión comienza con unas palabras de la curadora del diálogo, la Sra. Eve Crowley, quien resume los propósitos de la discusión propuesta y presenta una visión global sobre la relevancia del enfoque de género en los sistemas alimentarios.
Recalling his longstanding experience at FAO, Mr. Gustafson said: “The projects that had the most impact in fact embodied precisely what the four speakers talked about today.”