Últimas noticias e información sobre igualdad de género y empoderamiento de la mujer
Growing numbers of women in important decision-making positions signals not only the mounting male recognition of the importance of listening to the concerns and visions of their female counterparts, but also a shift in the mindset of women themselves.
On March 8, International Women’s Day, the United Nations honors women who are on the frontline of their fight against COVID-19.
Women are often underrepresented in official statistics, potentially undermining their access to social protection programmes or resulting in their marginalization in decision-making processes (SOMFI 2020).
From 2002 onwards, Souad has been leading her team of engineers to establish the Water Resources Information Center in the Ministry.
To bridge the gender gap, FAO and UNDP work with countries to empower women and achieve gender equality in the agriculture sector for a more sustainable future that will benefit all.
“Those closest to the pain can speak toward the solutions that we need with the greatest clarity,” she said at a recent GLF Live session.
As the country responds to and recovers from the devastating effects of the pandemic, we are offered a valuable opportunity to bring about gender equality, especially for women’s leadership.
Indigenous women are at the forefront of advocating for their communities around the globe.
Acto de la FAO, el FIDA y el PMA centrado en la labor de liderazgo de las mujeres dirigida a reconstruir mejor después de la pandemia
“On the eve of the International Women’s Day, I call for solidarity in standing for women’s rights and opportunities."
The virtual series of webinars has the main goal of reviewing the achievements, potential and challenges of community engagement for empowerment in development and humanitarian interventions and strategies.
The women of Topchu retain ownership of their designs and will be able to reproduce the fashion items and sell them directly, benefiting from the increased international exposure.
On this International Day of Women and Girls in Science, the Global Environment Facility is highlighting seven women scientists from across our partnership who play essential roles in addressing our planet’s most pressing environmental challenges.
Women in fisheries need to be seen and acknowledged, gain equal rights and equal access to credit and technology, and have equal say in decision-making and policy processes.
Tackling gender inequality and its relationship with food loss in fish value chains is a development priority and requires a multi-stakeholder approach, involving small-scale value chain actors, development partners and all those who can make a difference
Empowering young women and men entails supporting youth-led and youth-serving organizations in their capacity to represent and engage young people while strengthening their social capital.
“Más que por el dinero que estoy obteniendo, estoy feliz de trabajar en mi pequeño negocio ganadero, que puedo ampliar a algo de mayor envergadura”, explica.
Las mujeres de otros distritos de Côte d’Ivoire, e incluso de los países vecinos, han venido desde entonces a aprender la dinámica de grupo y el funcionamiento de las técnicas para poder utilizarlas también.
Although one worker in two in fisheries and aquaculture is a woman, women are invisible in the industry and their work unrecognized and under-estimated.
FAO in Pakistan is striving to reduce the inequality gap between rural women and men in access to productive resources, services and rural institutions.