Геопространственная информация в поддержку устойчивых продовольственных систем

Training on accuracy assessment of the updated national land cover of JORDAN

The training course on land cover mapping and accuracy assessment was organized by the Geospatial Unit of FAO from 19-21 September under the Regional Food Security Analysis Network (RFSAN), within the project Strengthening of an inclusive food security information network to support humanitarian and resilience programming in the sub-region affected by the Syria Crisis. The course will be held in Amman, hosted by the Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre (RJGC), as an on-the-job training, which aims to generate the accuracy assessment report to support national and regional projects implementation and formulation. Participants from various Jordanian national agencies (RJGC, MoA, NCARE, ACC) will be trained by FAO experts in up-to-date methodologies for land cover mapping and will be introduced to statistical methods for accuracy assessment.