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Virtual FAO internal meeting: Land CHaracterization System Software

An internal introduction and demonstration of the Land Cover Characterisation Software System (version 2) was given to FAO colleagues by Fatima Mushtaq, Victor Munene and Joe Njeru of the Geospatial Unit. The technical updates, user-friendly enhancements and benefits of the improved version of the software were detailed to participants on the software which allows users to edit land cover legends to comply with the Land Cover Meta Language. The new software upgraded LCCS 3 to be more compatible with ISO standards 19144-2 and 19144-3. An overview of the interface was presented by Victor Munene, highlighting the key features which include cross compatibility with LCCS 3, integration with the FAO Land Cover Legend Registry and a legend generation wizard. 

A presentation was then given by Joe Njeru on the Similarity Assessment Tool (SAT) which is embedded in LCHS version 2. It enables users to assess similarities between legends. The tool, based on the LCMUtils as a proof of concept, will be used to improve land cover legend standardization and harmonization processes. Key features of the tool include the ability to import legends from LCCS3 and LCHS or in CSV format producing a similarity assessment report. New improvements include user interface enhancements, performance improvements and compatibility with new technologies. A demonstration was done to present the software interface and its features to participants.