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Seminar on The SEPAL module 15.3.1. Towards monitoring land cover, land degradation and restoration options with in-country data

In a significant step towards achieving a land degradation-neutral world, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) has introduced a cutting-edge online module on the SEPAL platform. This initiative is part of the broader UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration 2021-2030, aimed at bolstering global efforts in sustainable development and ecosystem preservation.

The SEPAL platform, enhanced with the latest Good Practice Guidance for SDG indicator 15.3.1, offers high-resolution geospatial data enabling nations to monitor and assess land degradation effectively. This tool is designed to support the generation of precise spatial data for land cover monitoring and reporting on various SDG indicators, including the crucial SDG 15.3.1, which focuses on the proportion of degraded land over total land area.

By facilitating better planning, implementation, and monitoring of land restoration projects, the SEPAL tool is expected to foster enhanced partnerships and collaboration across national, regional, and global levels. This technological advancement marks a pivotal development in international efforts to restore ecosystems and ensure food security for billions affected by land degradation worldwide.

Join the seminar online on April 25 and 26 from 13:00 to 2:30 CEST