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Technical assistance and cooperation

With a view to bringing about a level playing field across the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, the GFCM Secretariat has the mandate to provide technical assistance for those Members needing to build their capacities in fisheries and aquaculture fields. This is the case, in particular, of GFCM members that are not in a position to fully implement GFCM binding recommendations and require technical assistance to fully meet their obligations. For this purpose, the GFCM has launched its multiannual Framework Programme. The GFCM Framework Programme (FWP) is articulated around four thematic areas and it singles out two geographical areas (Black Sea and eastern Mediterranean) where more efforts are required. GFCM Members are eligible to receive support under the FWP, consistent with the decisions taken each year by the Commission, and their needs are assessed throughout each intersession. In addition, the FWP aims at strengthening cooperation at the intra-institutional level with other organizations that operate in the region and share goals that are similar to those of the GFCM. Activities carried out jointly with these organizations are identified within memoranda of understanding endorsed by the Commission and they are linked to the four thematic areas of the FWP in order to foster a concerted approach.