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Monitoring discards in Mediterranean and Black Sea fisheries: methodology for data collection

Objective of the guidelines

The main objective of these guidelines is to develop and implement an efficient and harmonized discard monitoring system in Mediterranean and Black Sea areas, namely by:

  • providing a minimum set of standards for the collection of discards data, consistent with GFCM requirements;
  • standardizing the data to be collected, including the forms to be used;
  • specifying minimum standards for the development of a data collection programme in countries without a discard monitoring programme.

Moreover, a minimum set of data (e.g. presence and abundance) should be collected for the incidental catch of vulnerable species (i.e. marine mammals, seabirds, sea turtles and elasmobranchs), for the main benthic species (e.g. sponges, corals etc.) present in the catch, and for the composition of marine litter.


Download the publication

On the following links it will be possible to download the annexes (as reported and described in the whole document) for the on-board observations, questionnaires, and for the self-sampling operations. Furthermore, a description of the annexes (with the instructions, codes which should be used) can be found in the methodology “Monitoring discards in Mediterranean and Black Sea fisheries”.

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