General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM

Information management

Reliable, comprehensive and timely data is crucial to the GFCM decision-making process. Through existing recommendations, national reports, stock assessment forms and ad-hoc data calls, the GFCM collects data in support of the GFCM decision-making mechanism and to inform all its activities in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea.

Fisheries data submissions to the GFCM

Submissions of fisheries-related data by CPCs are the backbone of the GFCM’s work. The Data Collection Reference Framework (DCRF) supports the formulation of sound scientific advice by GFCM subsidiary bodies. It provides indications for the collection of fisheries data by CPCs (DCRF manual) as well as tools for their transmission to the GFCM in a standardized way (online platform).

Consultation of public data

The GFCM maintains a large amount of fisheries-related data collected through submissions from our CPCs. A subset of this information is made publicly available in line with the existing GFCM data confidentiality policies.


Dashboards of capture production statistics 

Stock assessment forms (SAFs)

Stock Assessment Results (STAR)


GFCM fleet register

Repository of national ports

IUU vessels list


Fishing vessels authorized to fish:

Authorized vessel list 

Blackspot seabream in Alboran Sea | GSAs 1 to 3

Trawl fisheries in the Ionian Sea | GSAs 19 to 21

Small pelagics in the Adriatic Sea |  GSAs 17-18

Trawl fisheries in the Levant Sea | GSAs 24 to 27

Demersal shrimps in the Strait of Sicily | GSAs 12 to 16

Demersal stocks in the Strait of Sicily | GSAs 12 to 16

Fisheries Restricted Areas

European sprat in the Black Sea | GSA 29

Piked dogfish in the Black Sea | GSA 29

Turbot in the Black Sea | GSA 29

Common dolphinfish in the Mediterranean | GSAs 1 to 27


GFCM maps provide geographical information on the GFCM area of application.