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GFCM capture production (1970-2021)


Capture production statistics by country or area, species item, and GFCM statistical division.

This database is populated with the catch statistics for the Mediterranean and the Black Sea, as reported to FAO/GFCM by national authorities through the STATLANT 37A questionnaire. The national catch figures are processed by the GFCM Secretariat and compared with the data collected by FAO at “major fishing area” level through the FISHSTAT NS1 questionnaire, without the breakdown of catches by species and statistical subdivisions. At the end of this process the original figures may be revised and missing values estimated, to ensure coherence with the FAO Global Capture Production database, at least at the level of ISSCAAP* groups of species.
Data not included The database excludes production from marine aquaculture and does not contain statistics for marine mammals, miscellaneous aquatic animal products, or seaweeds.
Statistical areas For statistical purposes the GFCM region (FAO fishing area 37 – “Mediterranean and Black Sea”) has been split into four subareas which are further subdivided into 10 divisions. Tuna catches are not allocated according to GFCM statistical divisions but are grouped together into a “Tunas” division (37.0.0). Another division, “Not known” (37.9.0), contains all the catches for which the statistical division is not known.

*The current International Standard Statistical Classification of Aquatic Animals and Plants (ISSCAAP) in use from 2000 | FAO

Interactive dashboards of capture production statistics

Cascading selection filters: click on the visual elements (charts and tables) to trickle down the information

[Data on "tunas, bonitos, billfishes" (ISSCAAP group n.36) are not included in the dashboards]

IMPORTANT: fom 2013 onwards, data sources for Corallium rubrum (COL) are the official submissions made and validated by CPCs to the GFCM in line with recommendations GFCM/36/2012/1 and GFCM/41/2017/5.

Other data consultation tools

The GFCM capture production (1970-2021) can be also consulted online (FAO query) and offline (FAO FishStatJ).

Data reporting tool

Download here the STATLANT 37A questionnaire (Excel format) to report national catches in the GFCM area of application (Mediterranean and Black Sea) to FAO and GFCM.