General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM

Management measures | Common dolphinfish fisheries and the use of anchored fish aggregating devices in the Mediterranean Sea

The common dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) is a GFCM priority species of regional importance, whose management, owing to its ubiquity, must be addressed at the level of the entire Mediterranean basin. The species is mainly fished by employing anchored fish aggregating devices (FADs), whose impacts on the environment have been the focus of increasing attention. In order to reduce ecosystem impacts of FADs and maintain common dolphinfish stock levels, a series of transitional measures have been adopted while  a multiannual management plan is being developed.


  • Address the different components of fishing mortality (e.g by limiting the number of FADs deployed)
  • Maintain fishing effort (i.e. the number of fishing vessels) at the current level
  • Minimize the entanglement of non-target vulnerable species and other impacts on the environment
  • Set the basis for regulating the composition, location, maintenance and replacement of FADs, as well as for their identification and marking
  • Lay the foundation for the establishment of new FAD fisheries and impose the use of a fishing authorization system with an associated register maintained by each CPC
  • Facilitate the collation of existing relevant data and the collection of new data (including research survey data) via a research programme ultimately aimed at informing the development of future conservation measures

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