General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean - GFCM


The conference opened on 25 September 2018 with a day dedicated to stakeholder discussions. Best practice cases in the region were showcased and discussions were held on scaling up such best practices to the regional level through the implementation of a Regional Plan of Action on Small-Scale Fisheries in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea (RPOA-SSF).

A high-level event followed on 26 September 2018 and concluded with a ceremony for country representatives to sign the Ministerial Declaration on the RPOA-SSF.

DAY 1. SSF stakeholder discussions in support of the Regional Plan of Action for Small-Scale Fisheries in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea

During the first day, discussions took stock of the important progress made in recent years towards the RPOA-SSF and highlighted cases of best practices in the region. Discussions were organized in three sessions focusing on three key topics, namely i) the role SSF in supporting scientific research and involving fishers in data collection, ii) improving small-scale fisher livelihoods: enhancing the value chain, and iii) a sustainable social development model for fishing communities: promoting decent work and supporting the role of women. These three sessions were followed by two panels addressing cross-cutting themes, i.e. co-management for sustainable small-scale fisheries and cooperation among small-scale fisheries towards a regional network of fishers.

DAY 2. High-level event – Award ceremony and signing of the RPOA-SSF

High-profile officials (including ministers, state secretaries, etc.) from Mediterranean and Black Sea countries addressed the audience.

Select best practice cases in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea received awards during an official ceremony. Awards include the following categories: small-scale fisheries research and data collection; small-scale fisheries value chain; co-management of small-scale fisheries; small-scale fisheries organizations; monitoring, control and surveillance of small-scale fisheries; decent work and promotion of the role of women in small-scale fisheries.

The event was also the occasion to launch the “Friends of SSF” platform, a regional network of actors sharing common interests and objectives in the sector and aimed at promoting transnational cooperation and building synergies among ongoing work.

The conference concluded with the signing of a Ministerial Declaration on a Regional plan of action for small-scale fisheries in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea (RPOA-SSF).  

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