Monitoring forest contributions towards national adaptation goals


14:00 - 15:30, Thursday 11 May 2023


Austria Room

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Adaptation monitoring

There is increasing recognition of the importance of forests to climate change adaptation and resilience. This session responds to the growing gap between countries’ adaptation policies and actions by supporting knowledge sharing on approaches and tools for monitoring the multidimensional benefits of forests. It also responds to the urgent need for more finance for climate adaptation by providing necessary data and methods to support implementation and measure progress.

The contributions of forests to adaptation are vast and multidimensional. Yet, while monitoring systems have developed to accurately assess changes in forest carbon stocks and fluxes, monitoring adaptation is a complex process that calls for the use of a combination of remotely-sensed and field data to assess the contributions of forests to reducing exposure, diminishing vulnerability and increasing capacities. 

This session will discuss tools and methods for monitoring adaptation in the forestry sector, geared towards adaptation monitoring, evaluation and learning, as well as resource mobilization for adaptation action.

This side event should be seen as a get together of country representatives with international climate experts in order to have an interactive session on the country views and needs regarding adaptation monitoring.

The FAO Forestry Division has supported many countries with National Forest Monitoring Systems in the context of climate change mitigation efforts, and is well-positioned to leverage this experience to support countries in adaptation monitoring.

Organization: Forest & Climate Team FAO

Responsible: Inge Jonckheere, [email protected]

[email protected]




Martial Bernoux (for IPCC)

Antonio Bombelli (GCOS)

Inge Jonckheere (FAO)

Elisa De Stefano (FAO)

International country representatives

Country speakers on adaptation monitoring and evaluation system

  • Colombia
  • Uganda
  • Indonesia
  • Brasil




Thursday 11 May 2023




Welcome and objectives

2.00 – 2.10 pm

Inge Jonckheere (FAO) and Martin Herold (Potsdam University)

Ongoing FAO initiatives on Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E)  and Database on M&E

2.10 – 2.25 pm


Elisa DiStefano (FAO, OCB)

IPCC on Adaptation Monitoring strategies

2.25 – 2.35 pm

Martial Bernoux (IPCC)

The use of global climate observations for adaptation monitoring

2.35 – 2.50 pm

Antonio Bombelli (GCOS)

Presentation/discussion on country actions  

Adaptation Monitoring needs and challenges


Interactive Session with Brazil/Colombia and other country participants

2.50 – 3.20 pm

Bob Kazungu (Uganda),

Pak Koko Wijanarko (Indonesia)  


Discussion / wrap up of session

3:20- 3:30 pm

Inge Jonckheere (FAO)