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Traditional Walnut Agricultural System in Tuyserkan, Hamedan Province, Islamic Republic of Iran

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Tuyserkan is well known in Iran for its walnut orchards, its delicacies as well as its landscapes and historical monuments. Indeed, traditional walnut production has been practiced in the region for centuries and is deeply rooted in the social and cultural values system of the local communities. Based on family-farming, the cultivation of walnuts supports the livelihoods of a major part of the households in the area.

This cultivation is mainly developed in valleys and is irrigated using water canals designed at different levels and fed mainly by rivers and springs as well as Qanats. The whole production is organic, relying on traditional and modern knowledge. Among the local practices, the water-ice method serves to fight local pests and diseases taking advantage of the low temperatures during winter. Sustainable management of water and soils is the basis of these gardens that have oriented the shape and management of the whole landscape.

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IRAN - Traditional Walnut Agricultural System in Tuyserkan, Hamedan Province