Sistemas Importantes del Patrimonio Agrícola Mundial (SIPAM)

Announcement of Second High Level Training on Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, 5-19 September 2015, Beijing, China

Beijing, China, 1 September 2015

Following the successful experience of the 2014 "First High Level Training" to identify new GIAHS sites, FAO, together with the Center of International Cooperation Services (CICOS) of the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture, is organizing a Second High Level Training from 5 to 19 September 2015.

The purpose is to guide officials from different countries on the procedures for identifying GIAHS sites, procedures for application, and preparation of a GIAHS conservation action plan. As a concrete way to understand GIAHS, all participants will visit GIAHS and NIAHS sites in the rural areas of China.

27 participants from 25 countries will be taking part of this important event, in particular Mexico, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Nigeria, Mauritania, Senegal, Niger, Egypt, Tunisia, Algeria, Bangladesh, Iran, Oman, Pakistan, India, Indonesia, Fiji, Vietnam, Philippines, Thailand, Korea, and Japan.

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