Sistemas Importantes del Patrimonio Agrícola Mundial (SIPAM)

Third High Level Training on GIAHS 23 October - 5 November 2016


Within the framework of South-South Cooperation, FAO and the Government of China have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to support the capacity development of member states in the implementation and management of the GIAHS programme.

The objective of the High Level Training is to train national staff to become focal points for GIAHS, including government resource officers or academicians. The aim is to encourage them to initiate, implement and manage a GIAHS programme in their respective countries.

The training has built upon a decade of successful experiences of GIAHS dynamic conservation, scientific underpinning of agricultural heritage and worldwide experience, particularly in China. Countries which already have GIAHS sites and the GIAHS Scientific Advisory Group (SAG) members were also be invited to share their experiences and expertise on identification and dynamic conservation of the GIAHS site.

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