Systèmes Ingénieux du Patrimoine Agricole Mondial (SIPAM)

The GIAHS Secretariat and SlowFood Corsica, committed to promote local biodiversity

16 September 2019

Patrimonio, Corsica Island, France

Last week was the second edition of the SlowFood Ribellazione festival. In the spotlight, ancient cereals, natural breads and traditional knowledge organized by the Association SlowFood Corse A Granitula.

In this context, the GIAHS secretariat had the honor to present its Program and its successes in promoting and enhancing traditional agricultural systems, particularly in Southern Europe.

Debates, conferences and tastings animated the festival, which seeks to give farmers the opportunity to gain visibility and recognition, but not only. All local actors involved in the enhancement of the island's living and intangible heritage responded to the invitation.

Corsica has a long agricultural history recognized as one of the breadbaskets of the Mediterranean in the Middle Ages. The know-how, the local biodiversity but also the landscapes so characteristic of the island represent today a source of innovations and opportunities for the sustainable development of the island.