Systèmes Ingénieux du Patrimoine Agricole Mondial (SIPAM)

Applications open: Learning to conserve traditional agricultural heritage systems all around the world

13 August 2021

The application deadline will be on 30 October 2021

The FAO Programme on “Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems” is the scientific reference used by the University to explore the characteristics of the registered landscapes in Italy by using the lens of dynamic conservation and sustainable development for the planning and management of traditional agricultural heritage systems.

The overall aim of the GIAHS Programme is to identify and preserve agricultural systems of global importance that have harnessed agro-biodiversity, traditional knowledge and associated culture with their landscapes. However, the ultimate aim goes further than merely preserving these agricultural heritage systems, but applying the principles of dynamic conservation in order to promote the rural development, with direct and indirect benefits for the community, assuring a sustainable source of livelihood for the farmers, including food security as well as maintaining the ecosystem.

The master course also aims to promote awareness among the general public, decision-makers and academics, to develop greater attention and sensitivity towards the degradation and the progressive disappearance of traditional agricultural landscapes. Professionals attending the course will be able to support countries to identify, manage and submit applications for sites to be considered as GIAHS sites by the FAO GIAHS programme.

More information on the course is available here.