Systèmes Ingénieux du Patrimoine Agricole Mondial (SIPAM)

Publication: Report on Japanese GIAHS sites economic assessment

21 June 2022

After 10 years since the first Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems (GIAHS) site was designated in Japan, this report sheds light on the economic impacts of the GIAHS sites.

First, the report presents the elements to be measured in order to assess the economic impacts of the GIAHS sites and conducts a preliminary analysis. Then, the report identifies the areas where the economic impacts due to the GIAHS designation have been realised, focusing particularly on the main products and services of the designated areas. The report also describes opportunities for generating income. Finally, it highlights the issues that the GIAHS sites face after designation and brings forward proposals for future GIAHS activities, for the sustainable conservation of GIAHS.

Read the summary version of a report on the rapid economic assessment of GIAHS in Japan. The assessment was conducted by Mitsubishi UFJ Research and Consulting Co., Ltd.

The full report is available in Japanese from this link.