Системы сельскохозяйственного наследия мирового значения (ГИАХС)

Second National Workshop for Spain is celebrated in Madrid

31 May 2019

The Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Fisheries of Spain (MAPA) organized the Second National Workshop on Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Systems, on 31st May 2019, in Madrid.

In Spain, three systems have been designated as GIAHS in Malaga, in Alava and in Tarragona regions.

The opening of the session was made by the Assistant Director-General of the FAO Climate Biodiversity Land and Water Department, the Vice Minister of Agriculture of Spain, and the Director of International Relations of MAPA. In addition to the participation of three Spanish sites and one candidate site (Huerta de Valencia), the GIAHS Secretariat, the FAO Regional Office for Europe and Central Asia and a representative from Columbia University, presented during the meeting.

Finally, the GIAHS sites of Soave (Italy) and Barroso (Portugal), had the chance to share their experiences and lessons learned in the GIAHS application procedure and in the implementation of their Action Plans for Dynamic Conservation.