FAO/WHO GIFT | Global Individual Food consumption data Tool

Food groups and subgroups

The FAO/WHO GIFT food groups and subgroups have been developed for a simple and nutrition-sensitive food grouping, to allow users to formulate relevant conclusions from the indicators and summary statistics presented in the FAO/WHO GIFT platform.

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Why were the FAO/WHO GIFT food groups and subgroups developed?

A major challenge in harmonising food consumption data relates to the harmonisation of the coding of food items. Foods vary between countries and regions in terms of forms, varieties, preparation methods and many other characteristics. When using and analysing datasets from different locations, it is essential that comparability is maintained, without losing detailed information on what has been consumed. The use of a common food classification and description system among food consumption surveys from different countries, and the use of a common food grouping, contribute to the analysis and the global harmonisation of dietary data.  

How are the food groups and subgroups used to compute indicators and summary statistics in the FAO/WHO GIFT platform?

FAO/WHO GIFT provides indicators and summary statistics based on individual food consumption data. Results can be browsed by food group, subgroup and food item. The indicators and summary statistics are computed by the platform, which automatically assigns each food consumed to a food group or subgroup. 

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