Alianza Mundial por el Suelo

Healthy Soils Facility

The Healthy Soils Facility Trust Fund has been formulated in response to a specific request from the Plenary Assembly of the Global Soil Partnership (GSP) at its first meeting of June 2013. It was  established  in  2014  as  an  umbrella  programme/facility over  a five – year implementation  period. It was than renewed in 2018 for additional 5 year period.

This Facility is meant to constitute a major “operational arm” of the GSP, and needs to operate in a context of major threats against limited soil resources in all regions and consequent urgent need for countries to take collective and individual action to reverse worrisome trends. In fact, it is one of the concrete expressions of the momentum for action and cooperation on soils, as embodied by the Partnership.

The Facility is designed to align resource partners (constituting an effective multi-partner platform) willing to join forces in support of the GSP, as it allows both for a cogent approach and full consistency with the GSP objectives. At the same time, it will maintain visibility of, and accountability for the underlying approved projects (to be financed either via

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