Global Soil Partnership

GSP Plenary Assembly - Second Session

List of documents


Opening of the Session

Keynote address


Adoption of the Agenda: for decision

GSPPA II/2014/1

Appointment of the Rapporteur: for decision


Amendment of the Rules of Procedure: for decision

  • Replacement of ITPS members due to force majeure

GSPPA II/2014/3

Nomination of Focal Points for the GSP by FAO members: for decision

GSPPA II/2014/5

Work of the Intergovernmental Technical Panel of Soils (ITPS):
for decision

  • Main activities and outcomes
  • Replacement of one member from North America


GSPPA II/2014/4

Report on the financial status of Global Soil Partnership, including establishment
of the Healthy Soils Multipartner Platform: 
for decision

Programme document : Healthy Soils Facility of the Global Soil Partnership

GSPPA II/2014/7 


Endorsement of Plans of Action for the GSP Pillars:  for decision

GSPPA II/2014/6

Implementation of Plans of Action

Updated World Soil Charter: for decision


GSPPA II/2014/8

Report on the Regional Soil Partnerships : for information and decision

  • Approval of Guidelines for Regional Soil

GSPPA II/2014/9

Implementation of the International Year of Soils: for decision

  • Presentation and endorsement of the plan of action


GSPPA II/2014/10

Implementation of the World Soil Day and its celebration in 2014 and 2015: for information and decision


GSPPA II/2014/11

Advocacy for inclusion of soils into the Sustainable Development Goals process:  for information and decision

GSPPA II/2014/12

Election of the Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson for the next period: for decision

Date and venue of the next plenary session

Any other matters