Global Soil Partnership

Presentations to the third GSP Plenary Assembly | 22-24 June 2015, FAO HQ




Opening of the session : Understanding Mountains soils

Maria de Cristofaro

Keynote address La Madre Tierra y Desarrollo integral para vivir bien

Jhonny Cordero Nunez

Intergovernmental Technical Panel on Soils:  Chairperson's report

Luca Montanarella

Endorsement of the Status of the World’s Soil Resources report

Luca Montanarella

Endorsement of the Plans of Action for Pillar 3

Progress in the implementation of agreed Plans of Action, including eventual consideration of detailed Implementation Plans

Ronald Vargas, David Rossiter and Rainer Baritz

Report on Regional Soil Partnerships:

Report on the financial status of GSP, including the Healthy Soils Facility

Moujahed Achouri and Alexander Jones

Implementation of the World Soil Day and its celebration in 2015

Isabelle Verbeke