Global Soil Partnership

Regional Soil Laboratory Networks

Countries are organized into Regional Soil Laboratory Networks (RESOLANs), the skeleton of GLOSOLAN. After the successful establishment of the Regional Soil Laboratory Network for Asia (SEALNET) in 2017, Latin America (LATSOLAN) in 2018, and the Pacific (ASPAC), Africa (AFRILAB), Europe and Eurasia (EUROSOLAN) in 2019, GLOSOLAN successfully launched the Regional Soil Laboratory Network for the Near East and North Africa (NENALAB) on 9 June 2020. All RESOLANs agreed on the need to adopt a common governance with a Chair, one or two vice-Chairs and a Steering Committee, which aims to facilitate the implementation of the networks activities and to provide concrete support to countries and laboratories as needed. See RESOLAN governance Terms of Reference here

NASLN | North American Soil Laboratory PartnershipASPAC | Pacific Soil Laboratory NetworkEUROSOLAN | European and Eurasian Soil Laboratory NetworkAFRILAB | African Soil PartnershipSEALNET | Asian Soil Laboratory NetworkNENALAB | Near East and North African Soil Laboratory NetworkLATSOLAN | Latin American Soil Laboratory Network